Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic and InterID meet

On the morning of this Friday, March 24, the CEO of the International Identification Institute (InterID), Célio Ribeiro, met with the Deputy Executive Secretary of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic, Pedro Helena Pontual Machado. Among the subjects discussed at the meeting, the National Identity Card (CIN) stands out.

“It was an institutional meeting when we took the opportunity to congratulate this government for the support and attention it has given to social causes such as identification, which for us is much more than a document. It is an instrument of citizenship that guarantees the right to exist before the state and, consequently, the right to access basic services, for example”, highlighted Ribeiro.

The meeting covered topics such as the creation of the Joint Parliamentary Front to guarantee the right to identity (FrenID), missing people, identification of children (which prevents the exchange of babies in maternity hospitals and also human trafficking), massification of identity cards of the Brazilian population as well as the state structure necessary for these tasks, the necessary integration of the Civil House with the other ministries on the esplanade for the success of CIN, as well as the use of a national identification system as a social platform.

“It is imperative that the federation units have appropriate places to carry out identification activities. We can no longer accept that municipalities in Brazil are excluded to the point that their residents have their right to identity impaired. In this endeavor, it is very important to remember that Brazil is committed to the objectives defined by the United Nations (UN) to ensure that all people have access to identification. For all this, it is up to us as an organized civil society interested in the subject to act so that this goal is not only achieved, but surpassed”, he concluded.

In addition to the deputy executive secretary of the Civil House and the director-president of InterID, the advisor to the Executive Secretary of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic, Carlos Antônio Lopes de Araújo, also participated in the meeting.

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