AARB becomes interid associate

The Association of Brazilian Registration Authorities (AARB) has joined the International Identification Institute – InterID in the Partner Associate modality. Representative entity of the digital certification sector ICP-Brazil, the association and InterID will join forces for an increasingly citizen identification that is provided for and guaranteed by the law and the powers constituted, respectively.

According to Célio Ribeiro, CEO of InterID, AARB brings with it a very valuable experience that is that of the entrepreneur who serves and knows the business public. “One of the contributions that AARB can bring us to the debate is its perspective on the reality of companies that need to confirm the identity of an individual or a company. PKI technology is common all over the world and is closely linked to our purpose of studying, researching and proposing more effective, modern and secure identification technologies.”

For Edmar Araújo, executive president of AARB, it makes perfect sense to join InterID since it is an organization led by extremely experienced professionals who work in the identification segment. “By joining InterID, we connect with entities and people capable of bringing resolution proposals to the area of identification that will result in more security, modernity, convenience and agility in countless processes,” he said.

About AARB

The Association of Brazilian Registration Authorities (AARB) is the main link of its associates with the government and society. Thanks to their performance, the entrepreneurs of the ICP-Brazil Registration Authorities are better able to achieve the objectives of what they would have if they acted in isolation. In addition, the AARB disseminates, through proposals to the legislature, meetings with private and public entities and the press, the importance and need for a more connected society, whose massification of the use of digital certification plays a key role in the debureaucratization of the economy, in combating digital crimes, in data security and in the proper identification of offenders, giving legal certainty to the acts. Founded in 2014, AARB is a private and non-profit entity and adds benefits and benefits to its members

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