InterID and FENAJU discuss identification security and future projects

This Monday, July 24, the CEO of the International Identification Institute (InterID), Célio Ribeiro, and the president of the National Federation of Boards of Trade (FENAJU), Cilene Sabino, met to discuss important issues related to identification security within the scope of Boards of Trade. The meeting took place in a climate of cooperation and search for innovative solutions to improve identification procedures in the country. The Chief Operating Officer at InterID, Edmar Araújo, also participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, representatives of InterID and FENAJU addressed several crucial issues for the security of acts carried out in the Boards of Trade in the country. Among the subjects discussed, the use of digital certificates in the ICP-Brasil standard for the authentication of acts, ensuring greater security and reliability in the processes, stood out.

In addition, the subject of issuing identity cards for businessmen, translators and auctioneers was presented, with the aim of standardizing and simplifying the identification of these professionals, facilitating their activities in the commercial and legal spheres.

Célio Ribeiro, CEO of InterID, and Cilene Sabino, president of FENAJU (above), and Edmar Araujo, COO for InterID (below)

Célio Ribeiro expressed his satisfaction with the meeting and reaffirmed the institution’s commitment to contributing to the modernization of identification processes in Brazil. He pointed out that “the exchange of knowledge and experiences with FENAJU is fundamental for the execution of important projects that will positively impact society”.

On her turn, the president of FENAJU, Cilene Sabino, emphasized the importance of working together with InterID and other institutions for the implementation of technological advances that benefit Boards of Trade and the population in general.

Committed to promoting security and efficiency in the identification of professionals and companies, the two entities were confident in moving forward in debates and partnerships, aiming to contribute to the development and modernization of identification services in the country. The expectation is that the collaboration between InterID and FENAJU will result in measures that make procedures more agile, safe and accessible to all citizens.

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