InterID will be released on September 16

On September 16, at 9:00 a.m., the International Identification Institute – InterID will be launched. Founded in Brasilia by Célio Ribeiro, Carlos Collodoro and Claudio Machado, great exponents of the theme of identification, InterID has among its objectives to promote, support, disseminate and promote the adoption of best practices, technologies and global trends regarding the theme of identification. Why launch the Institute on September 16? The choice was no accident. On September 16, the International Identity Day is celebrated, a date conceived from item 16.9 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, which establishes that all nations have an obligation to grant their citizens a legal identity by 2030, and must also include their own birth record. “This is the day we have been electing to officially start InterID activities. More than happy, we are aware of the size of the mission of promoting the right to civil identity and representing such an important agenda before society. Identification is the first social right of the human person, going through his entire existence. With great enthusiasm, I invite everyone who participates in the interid launch event, online and 100% free, and also communicate to their contacts about the beginning of this which is a promising project, relevant and quite challenging”, commented Célio Ribeiro, founder and CEO of InterID. Write down in your schedule InterID Release Day September 16, 2022 At 9:00 AM Brasilia Time Sign up by clicking here

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