InterID will hold the "International Identification Congress"

Among its actions planned for the year 2023, InterID will organize and hold the International Identification Congress. The event will be a large meeting of global leaders in the identification technology sector and institutions and personalities working for identification as the basis of Citizenship, and will take place in Brazil.

As the CEO of InterID, Célio Ribeiro, explains, the time has come to discuss the issue from the new forms of identification, bringing together experts, industry and government.

“There are countless great experiences that need to be shared and exchanged between so many international spheres. In Brazil, for example, we have had the great advance with the regulation of the new Identification System with the implementation of the National Identity Card (CIN) with a biometric basis shared between Official Identification Bodies, and that will make use of the Register of Individuals (CPF) as a single number. Industry, academia and government can and should connect to promote proper debates that result in concrete actions,” he said.

Also according to the representative of InterID, the core of the event is the guarantee that all, without exception, can be properly identified from birth and thus exist truthful and legally before society.

“The technological stage of identification is permanently evolving, but there is already a range of solutions that can be used by any nation to identify its citizens well. The International Identification Congress wants to expose, debate and create an environment of interactions, but above all, wants to result in proposals for practical actions so that identity is the first civil right of the human person, guaranteeing him the consequent basic rights”, he stressed.

InterID will constantly disclose the International Identification Congress and, at the time date, place and format are defined, all readers of your site and other channels will be informed.

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