ABRID joins InterID

The Brazilian Association of Technology Companies in Digital Identification (ABRID) becomes part of the membership of the International Identification Institute (InterID). Active for 15 years in the identification sector, the entity will collaborate decisively in platforms of joint activities that aim to guarantee the fundamental right of the human person to the identity document, as well as in those activities in which his vast institutional experience can be used.

“ABRID, an entity of which I am honorably one of the founders, is adding efforts with InterID in the struggle for a secure, modern identity and adherent to international best practices. His expertise in the relationship with the government and with private entities will add invaluable to our projects and allow a number of work fronts to be found,” said InterID CEO Célio Ribeiro.

“It is symbolic for ABRID to be able to participate in InterID as a partner. We are quite convinced that this will be a fruitful, lasting and good alliance for entities and for all those who work in the identification sector,” said Edson Rezende de Oliveira, abrid’s Director of Digital Identification.


The Brazilian Association of Technology Companies in Digital Identification (ABRID) is a non-profit company that brings together technology companies in digital identification. Among its attributions is the representation of its associates before the brazilian authorities and society and, in the institutional area, ensuring quality and safety in the business and public environments, a way to actively participate in national development.

Founded on September 10, 2007, ABRID brings together companies operating in the areas of smartcards, digital certification and biometric identification, among others. They are companies that are based in Brazil and operate in several countries of the world.

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