All set for the launch of FrenID

After weeks of hard work, the Joint Parliamentary Front for the Guarantee of the Right to Identity (FrenID) will be launched on the 24th of May. The event will take place in the Salão Nobre of the Chamber of Deputies from 10 am, according to the official parliamentary agenda.

Announced on March 8, FrenID is an initiative that has the full support of the International Institute of Identification (InterID). For the CEO of the Institute, Célio Ribeiro, the ceremony will symbolize a great achievement for all Brazilians.

“We are one week away from the launch of FrenID. It will certainly be a milestone for our country. The mobilization of the legislature so that we can have a citizen identification system in our country is essential. Certainly, the Legislative will support the Executive in whatever is necessary, and we will be as civil society, working together with the powers to bring the best to the Brazilian citizen”, he celebrated.

Deputy Flávia Morais (PDT-GO), in the Chamber of Deputies, and Senator Eliziane Gama (PSD-MA), in the Federal Senate, are the coordinators of the Joint Parliamentary Front to guarantee the right to identity (FrenID).

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Among FrenID’s objectives are compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goal, which states that, by 2030, all people should have access to civil identity, including birth registration;

Act for the approval of legislative proposals that complement and improve current legislation, to connect all public policies and their services through a social identification platform;

Ensure the institutional prerogatives of the bodies that are part of the National Identification System;

Act as a catalyst for society’s demands regarding issues of identity, digital identity, digital signature, data management, among other related topics;

Protect Brazilian citizens from birth. Seek secure identification, avoiding the exchange of newborns, trafficking in minors and tackling the issue of the missing.

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