ANCD is the newest partner of InterID

The National Association of Digital Certification (ANCD) is the newest partner associate of the International Identification Institute – InterID. With the achievement, the entities will now be able to work together in projects of mutual interest, always having identification as a pillar of all the activities developed.

In the evaluation of the CEO of InterID Célio Ribeiro, the arrival of ancd to the staff of the institute brings with it the possibility of high-level discussions with experts on the subject of digital identification and signature.

“Very relevant for us to have ANCD as a partner associate. We can now bring together in our staff experts and in-depth connoisseurs of the theme of electronic signature PKI, technology of fundamental importance for the theme of identification and that may be being discussed fully, with the participation of qualified personnel.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANCD, Márcio Nunes, praised the partnership with InterID and the possibility of holding debates on the subject of identification in Brazil and worldwide.

“The field of identification is structuring for ICP-Brazil. The Certifying Authorities accumulate years of experience in this area, so it is a great satisfaction to establish a partnership with InterID, which emerges with the salutary proposal to discuss identification at national and international level and present solutions to improve the identification of Brazilians. THE ANCD hopes to contribute with InterID in the sharing of knowledge acquired so far for the development of best practices in identification, contributing to the reduction of fraud and potentiation of the exercise of citizenship.”

About ANCD

Founded in September 2014, the National Association of Digital Certification – ANCD is a non-profit association, whose objective is the defense Digital National Certification System in the standard of Brazilian Public Key Infrastructure – ICP-Brazil, technology implemented in Brazil for twenty years. The entity has a seat on the Brazilian Public Key Infrastructure Steering Committee – CG ICP-Brazil, the sector’s top forum, and together with the other members of civil society and the federal government is responsible for discussing and formulating the sector’s public policies. It is the objective of anCD to present the benefits that the ICP-Brazil Digital Certificate provides to individuals and legal entities in their private relations and in the citizen’s relations with the government. It is the role of the entity to highlight the benefits of using this tool with a view to transparency and simplification in organizations, in the dematerialization and debureaucratization of processes and, in particular, in the fight against fraud and in cyber and data defense. ANCD represents 55% of the market share of the Digital Certification sector and has among its associates and affiliates pioneer companies in the sector.

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