ANOREG/BR and CNR are the new interid members

The National Association of Notaries and Registrars of Brazil – ANOREG/BR, and the National Confederation of Notaries and Registrars – CNR are the new Partner Associates of the International Identification Institute – InterID. According to Célio Ribeiro, Ceo of InterID, the two entities represent instances of enormous credibility before Brazilian society, which is supported by its services and trusts in the seal of its institutional mission:

“The work of notaries and registrars results, above all, in security in operations that need to be supported by the Brazilian State. Having in InterID two entities of the size and representativeness of ANOREG /BR and CNR imposes great responsibility on us to do a good joint work and, thus, offer results that are up to both and aligned with the expectations of the three institutions”, praised Ribeiro.

“The birth certificate is the first document of the individual and primordial to initiate the identification of a person. Through it, any individual begins civil life and acquires citizenship rights. In this wake, all other documents are based on the civil record of natural persons, such as, for example, and especially the Identity Card. Thus, I believe that projects such as InterID reinforce the search for understanding on relevant topics such as this. Therefore, we will support this project and carry out a partnership that privileges identification in Brazil.”, said the president of ANOREG/BR and CNR Rogério Portugal Bacellar.

Rogério Portugal Bacellar and Célio Ribeiro


Founded on May 4, 1984, ANOREG-BR is the only entity of the class with legitimacy, recognized by the powers constituted, to represent the holders of notary and registration services of Brazil in any instance or Court, operating in harmony and direct cooperation with other similar associations, mainly with the Member Institutes and Trade Unions, representative of specialties. ANOREG-BR brings together more than 13,000 notatories distributed in all states, Brazilian municipalities and most districts, which directly and indirectly employ more than 500,000 people.

About CNR

The National Confederation of Notaries and Registrars (CNR) is a higher-grade trade union that represents all notaries and registrars in the country. Currently, the CNR has a strong political representation, fighting for the interests of the sector with parliamentarians in the National Congress and representatives of the Federal Government.

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