Célio Ribeiro meets with the National Secretary for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights, Isadora Brandão

This Friday, February 24th, the CEO of the International Institute of Identification (InterID), Célio Ribeiro, met with the National Secretary for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights, Isadora Brandão. Held in Brasilia, the main subject of the meeting was the presentation of the Identity Card project and the consolidation of cooperation between InterID and the National Secretariat for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights.

On the occasion, Ribeiro made all of InterID’s expertise available on topics such as neonatal identification, identity cards, identification of people deprived of their liberty, of neonates and the use of biometrics through facial recognition.

Also addressed at the meeting were access for all Brazilian citizens to their civil registry – identity card, birth certificate – and the importance of identifying the citizen as a right to citizenship, and the neonatal identification of Brazilians, a record that hinders fraud in maternity hospitals, child thefts or even baby swaps, ensuring that there is greater control of those born in Brazil and bringing more security to families in the country.

For Célio Ribeiro, the identification of every Brazilian is of great importance for the citizen, as it guarantees access to government services and security for the population. “The aim is to support the necessary procedures for the smooth running of projects with the Secretariat, with which InterID will have regular meetings for cooperation in identification projects. It is always important to emphasize that the delivery of identity to the citizen is also endorsed as a Sustainable Development objective of the Organization (SDG), of the United Nations, of which Brazil is a signatory country, which establishes that they have until 2030 to do so. . The project to identify Brazil is a global agenda, essential to bring dignity to Brazilians”, he reinforced.

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