Created the InterID, International Institute of Identification

Brazil now has a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of identity document as a citizen’s right at national and international level. This is the International Identification Institute, or InterID, whose operation was officially initiated on Friday, September 16, the date chosen because it is the International Identity Day, alluding to item 16.9 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which establishes as a goal for 2030 that all countries grant their inhabitants a legal identity document.

“It is part of the citizenship that each of us has in hand a civil identity document that is secure. In our life this is something natural, but it is not so for many people in Brazil and in the world. Imagine a person who doesn’t have an ID? A person who doesn’t exist before society? This is the cause of InterID: working so that every individual in the world has an ID. Identification is a basic right,” said Célio Ribeiro, CEO and one of the founders of InterID. He is also president of Abrid.

With the recent launch of the National Identity Card (CIN),Ribeiro understands that a cycle of more than two decades of work has been ended for the creation of a single, national and identity insurance document in Brazil. And now a new stage begins, in which InterID intends to play a relevant role, to foster the adoption of this new document, taking it to all Brazilians, especially those who today do not yet have an ID.

“We have to bring identity closer to the citizen. The state institutes (issuing RG), which are a technical staff of great excellence, cannot reach small and medium-sized cities in most states. This is one of the biggest difficulties,” commented Claudio Machado, another founder of InterID.

InterID will act on several fronts. Institutionally, it intends to participate in discussions on new laws and regulations that impact identification. It will also promote the sharing of technical knowledge by conducting seminars and workshops. And it will be available to provide advice to public and private agencies in the area of identification.

Based in Brasilia, InterID will be supported by contributions from effective members; contributions from maintainers; revenue stemming from events, agreements, sponsorships and the provision of specialized technical services; and donations.


Célio Ribeiro, CEO of InterID, will participate in the opening panel of Mobi-ID, a seminar organized by Mobile Time and dedicated to the digital identification and authentication market, whose 5th edition will take place on October 19, at the WTC, in São Paulo. On the panel, he will be the company of Gabriela Onofre, partner and vice president of communication and marketing at Unico; Pedro Alves, head of valid identification strategy; and Rafael Figueiredo, CEO and co-founder of D4Sign. The updated schedule and more information are available at


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