The International Institute for Identification – InterID (Instituto Internacional de Identificação) was set up with the aim of putting efforts together so that the field of identification can play a role in the most important social, technical and political decision-makers.

Identification is a priority in the agenda of uncountable nations’ public security and citizenship.

However, we can see that this is not the same reality found in several countries, which results in constant onus on the treasury, deficient income distribution and poverty reduction policies, as well as in environments which leads to all sorts of crimes against private property and public order.

One of InterID’s aims is to create a space in which society participates, understands and learns that identification is not only about a mere national citizen’s obligation. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is clear: ‘Everyone, with no exception, has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.’

In other words, it means that anyone has the right to have rights, and this statement begins with the due identification in all moments of human existence.

You will learn much more about InterID through our social media channels, and now we invite you to take part in our events and help us spread the word about this crucial topic of identification.

Best regards,

Célio Ribeiro