Institutions support the “Brazilian Identity Seminar – Governance and Legitimacy”

A little less than a week before it takes place and with enormous success in the number of registrations, the “Brazilian Identity Seminar – Governance and Legitimacy” has the support of several institutions representing civil society interested in the issue of identification.

For the director-president of InterID, Célio Ribeiro, this is an excellent sign, since the issue of Brazilian civil identity is a larger, broader issue that concerns the entire society and not just some segments.

“We are not organizing an event to defend this or that technology, this or that market model. The Seminar is a space for unity in favor of the very important project of Brazilian identity. All Brazilians, all sectors will benefit from a modern, safe, reliable and, above all, citizen identification system. I am very happy with the adherence of the most diverse segments of society, which demonstrates that we are united by a very noble and elevated social cause”, highlighted Ribeiro.

The Seminar has the support of the Federal Government, the Official Identification Bodies of the Units of the Federation, the Brazilian Association of Digital Identification Technology Companies (ABRID), the Brazilian Association of State Entities of Information and Communication Technology (ABEP), of the Brazilian Association of Technology and Digital Identity (ATID), of the Brazilian Association of Federal Police Papiloscopists (ABRAPOL), of the Association of Registration Authorities of Brazil (AARB), Association of Notaries and Registrars of Brazil (ANOREG-BR), of the National Board of Digital Certification (ANCD), the National Confederation of Notaries and Registrars (CNR), the National Council of Directors of Civil and Criminal Identification Bodies (CONADI), the National School of Forensics (ENP), the National Federation of Official Experts in Identification (FENAPPI), from the Justice for Science Foundation, in addition to the Crypto ID News Portal.

Online and free, the “Brazilian Identity Seminar – Governance and Legitimacy” will take place on March 8, 2023. Those interested can guarantee their presence through the link -Brazilian-identity-governance-and-legitimacy/1888662?d=INTERID


Brazilian Identity Seminar – Governance and Legitimacy

Wednesday, March 8, 2022 Registration –

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