Institutions unite for the legitimate identity card of Brazil

ABRID, Conadi, InterID and the directors of Organs official identification bodies of the states of the federation met today (31th, January) to strengthen the immediate implementation of Brazil’s new identity card.

The meeting dealt with the importance of strengthening identification bodies as unique, legitimate and fundamental for the process of implementing the new Brazilian document and was jointly coordinated by the president of the Brazilian Association of Digital Identification Technology Companies (Abrid) and the Institute Identification Agency (InterID), Célio Ribeiro, and by the president of the National Council of Directors of Civil and Criminal Identification Bodies (Conadi), Antonio Maciel. The group’s objective is to work so that the entire system of the new Brazilian identification is implemented as quickly as possible and with all the necessary technical accuracy.

During the meeting, the need for a structure of the Brazilian State that takes care of identification in Brazil was discussed. For Célio Ribeiro, the civil identification of Brazilians is the greatest instrument of citizenship. It is essential that there is a governmental structure that takes care of the identification system in Brazil and that is active for its organization and also to curb parallel and non-legitimate initiatives that end up interfering in the National Identification System, which is the responsibility of the federal and state executives, through their identification bodies. “We are witnessing a true attempt to usurpate competences. Civil identity is a legitimate attribution of the federal executive and of Organs official bodies of identification of the units of the federation.”

It is unanimity among the identification bodies that work must be done immediately so that all states of the federation start issuing the new Identity Card, and for that it is necessary that the federal executive bodies, such as the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil, are fully dedicated to the project, since they are a central part of the new Brazilian Identification System.

ABRID, InterID, Conadi e os diretores dos órgãos oficiais de identificação do Brasil

Maciel highlighted the importance of working together so that the new government recognizes the importance of Brazil’s legitimate identity card. “Working together and focused on the legitimate project of identification of Brazilian citizens is very important for our country”, he said.

The union of legitimate forces was also the theme of the meeting. For the participants of the meeting, parallel initiatives by other powers and/or institutions subordinated to them, which have specific attributions, cause inconvenience and loss of confidence in the Brazilian State.

The official identification bodies and Conadi, together with Abrid and InterID and other institutions, have been making efforts with the Brazilian government to structure the Brazilian civil identity in a technical, efficient and safe way. Célio highlighted the importance of a joint action to strengthen the identification of Brazilians. “The Brazilian Identity Card is a State project, the most important instrument of citizenship and needs the joint work of all”, emphasized Ribeiro.


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