InterID is officially launched

Event is attended by founders, public authorities and entrepreneurs

The International Identification Institute – InterID was officially launched on Friday, September 16. Conceived and founded by its CEO Célio Ribeiro, the institute intends to act strategically and responsibly in favor of a modern, safe and citizen identification system in Brazil and worldwide.

InterID’s objectives include promoting the right to civil identification to all, promoting, disseminating and supporting global best practices, technologies and trends on the issue of identification, in addition to holding events, producing studies, developing research and issuing opinions.

In his speech, Célio Ribeiro recalled his professional experience as a lawyer specializing in contracts and bids, when he needed to visit the Identification Institutes. It was at this time, he reported, that he came to imagine a national project of broad, diffuse and democratic identification. Following, the CEO of InterID stated that, finally, the project had become a reality and explained how the institute will act to collaborate with this new moment.

“Since 1996, I have been working in the search for a dignified identity for Brazil. In 2022, we managed to make that happen. A stage was won, a state project, which is the identity card of the Brazilian, finally exists, came out of the paper. We are talking about something revolutionary for Brazil, but that in most countries had already been implemented, and we were far behind in this. Today, we have what I might call an identification system. One cycle ended, one in which we had nothing in terms of international equivalence for identification. Now we have this, we have regulation, we have standardization, we have an organization in this system. But we can’t think we have everything, no. We have very little yet, and InterID comes up with this purpose, with the purpose of sacramenting this in Brazil, with the purpose of implementing this new identification in a continuous and progressive way. But more than that, my experience has made me understand the part of citizenship and the need for each of us to have a secure civil identity in our hands.”

Ribeiro recalled that the right to identification is not a reality of all. “In our daily lives, in our lives, this is natural, but believe me, it is not so for many people in Brazil and in the world. Imagine a person who does not have an ID, imagine a person who does not exist before society. This is very sad, and this cause, now, is the main cause of InterID, it is the cause of seeking for every individual in the world to have an IDENTITY, have their ID, have citizenship, have this basic right guarantee that is identification”


Carlos Collodoro and Cláudio Machado, also founders of InterID, highlighted in their speeches the institute’s creation and projects and possible axes of action so that the brazilian’s new identity can be used by several areas.

For Collodoro, InterID will give institutional form to the work carried out with the identification institutes in Brazil.

“The process of creating InterID, in my opinion, is extremely rewarding in every respect. We have been working for many years, contributing to the identification institutes, strengthening their structures, technically supporting the modernization of the infrastructure for the safe issuance of identity cards, and consequently for criminal expertise activity. I see with great eyes this initiative of InterID because we can do this work institutionally,’ he stressed.

Cláudio Machado understands that the new National Identity Card (CIN) is an initiative that needs to be transformed into a tool for use in public policies.

“We need to make all this effort led by SEME (Special Secretariat for State Modenization), the Federal Government and the States also become the use of identity by public policies. Health, social assistance, social security, work and several other areas need to make use of this national identity that is being built”


Representatives of organized civil society and the Federal Government also participated in the launch event of the International Identification Institute – InterID. Check out the full statements:

Antonio Maciel de Aguiar Filho, President of CONADI –

Carlos Fortner, CEO of ITI –

Eduardo Lacerda, Program Director of SEME/PR –

Eduardo Gomes da Silva, Special Secretary of State Modernization – SEME/PR –

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