InterID and the Federal Highway Police begin negotiations for a Techincal Cooperation Agreement

The International Institute of Identification (InterID) and the Federal Highway Police (PRF) met in Brasília on the afternoon of this Wednesday, January 25th, when negotiations began for the signing of a Technical Cooperation Agreement between the entities. The purpose of the agreement is to exchange experiences and knowledge in different areas of expertise of both institutions.

For the director-president of InterID, Célio Ribeiro, it is important to create these alliances that strengthen work both in the public sphere and in organized civil society.

From left to right: Lucas Chaves, Emmanuel Valverde Rios Nogueira, Célio Ribeiro, Marcela Virginia Dias Almeida and Júlia Rebelato

“I am very pleased to be able to sign a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the Federal Highway Police. There will certainly be a mutual exchange of experience that will favor the transmission of knowledge and the proposition of numerous actions. On behalf of InterID, I make the record that it is an honor to be supporting such an important public institution in our country”, he praised.

For federal road police officer Marcela Dias, from the PRF’s Institutional Articulation Division, the partnership will offer a range of opportunities for public safety.

“The resources made available by InterID will be of great benefit. There are several things about this possible deal that are promising. We were very excited and, as soon as the members of the boards are named, we will meet with the technical areas precisely so that we can move forward with the proposal”, he highlighted.

In addition to Ribeiro and Marcela Virgínia, Júlia Rebelato, Lucas Chaves and Emmanuel Valverde Rios Nogueira, all from the PRF, participated in the meeting.


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