InterID and the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services discuss the Brazilian Identity Card


On the morning of this Wednesday, the January 25th, the CEO and the Director of Institutional Relations of the International Institute of Identification (InterID), Célio Ribeiro and Mário Mantovani, met with the Extraordinary Secretary for the Transformation of the State, Francisco Gaetani, and with special adviser Ciro Avelino, representatives of the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services.

From left to right: Mário Mantovani and Célio Ribeiro (InterID) and Franciso Gaetani and Ciro Avelino (Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services) At the meeting, Célio Ribeiro ratified the importance of the national project of the Identity Card of the Brazilian citizen in the current government, since this theme is of the State, and fundamental for the Brazilian society. “For almost three decades I have been defending the national, modern, safe and, above all, citizen identity. This is one of the most urgent public policies in Brazil, since the right to exist and access public services is preceded by the proper biographical and biometric identification of each person. We were very happy to hear from representatives of the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services about the importance of this project for the government. They stated that they recognize the identity card as an instrument of citizenship and that they will work as a priority so that the entire population of Brazil has its identity. In the current administration, which has great social goals, the Brazilian identity card will be fundamental for this to happen with the greatest possible legality, inclusion and respect for the different realities existing in the country”, he highlighted”. In Ribeiro's assessment, this national identity will have a place in Lula's government precisely because it empowers citizens to access basic public services, generates social inclusion and facilitates the State to carry out proper cadastral management of its nationals. “The Brazilian identity card is more than an identity document. It is, above all, a certificate of citizenship. Through it, the federal, state, municipal and Federal District public security bodies will be able to produce and confirm identities very efficiently, as well as eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, thus facilitating the transfer and access to social benefits”, he concluded.

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