InterID and CONADI sign Technical Cooperation Agreement

The International Identification Institute (InterID) and the National Council of Directors of Civil and Criminal Identification Bodies ( CONADI ) have signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement (ACT) that aims to develop joint activities related to the identification area developed in Brazil, including data on new technologies of goods and services applicable to identification and documentary security in areas of common interest and other related activities, in addition to supporting the integration and also to the processing of data from the identification area, with the goal of preventing fraud in public or private proceedings. For Célio Ribeiro, Ceo of InterID, the Agreement with CONADI meets the interests of the two entities, in addition to stimulating a large exchange of experiences and transmission of knowledge. “CONADI represents the leaders of the Official Identification Bodies of the Federation Units. They are responsible for this fundamental process of issuing the official identity document in Brazil, the National Identity Card – CIN. They are the ones who are on the edge, interacting directly with the individual and making this instrument of citizenship come to him. Fundamental that we are working together, collaborating so that they can exercise their skills in the best possible way. InterID is already born with a commitment to collaborate with such an important Council. We could not have a better start than this, and soon this Technical Cooperation Agreement will present its results to society”, he stressed. In the opinion of Antonio Maciel Aguiar Filho, president of CONADI, it is essential to have an entity that assists the government in such an important issue. “Initially, I congratulate the creators of InterID. Certainly, the International Identification Institute will play an important role in the growth and valorization of the country’s new Identification System. And undeniable the lack of a private agency capable of cooperating with the public sector aiming at the necessary improvement of the country’s identification sector. Therefore, this partnership with CONADI is very interesting, even because it does not involve the transfer of financial resources, but rather involves reciprocal interests and conditions, especially in the search for best practices, technologies and global trends on the subject of identification. The Technical Cooperation Agreement between InterID and CONADI was signed on September 6 and is valid for 5 years

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