InterID is part of a working group on eradicating under-registration and improving access to documentation

The Department of Promotion and Education in Human Rights of the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights invited the International Institute of Identification (InterID) to participate in the periodic executive meetings following the Working Group on Civil Registration of the National Policy for Tracing Missing Persons (PNBPD).

According to the folder, the objective of the PNBPD’s “Civil Registration” Area of ​​Action is to discuss and propose solutions to eradicate civil under-registration and improve access to Basic Documentation and, in this context, the preparation of studies regarding the feasibility of use of physical biometric identification processes in newborns.

InterID has already confirmed to the Ministry that it will participate in the meetings, opportunities in which it will be represented by its CEO, Célio Ribeiro. For the representative of the Institute, participation in this group is very important.

“In addition to the question of identification, which must be part of the cycle that begins from the biometrics of the newborn, we are also talking about an essential question of citizenship, since this identification in early childhood is what allows access to fundamental rights , as well as preventing and inhibiting the exchange of babies, abductions, kidnappings and child trafficking. For us at InterID, this participation is very important and fundamental, as this debate must be perpetuated in Brazil among those decision-makers.”

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