InterID participates in the Ordinary Meeting of the Council of Affiliates of ABEP-TIC


This Wednesday, February 8th, the director-president of the International Identification Institute (InterID), Célio Ribeiro, spoke during the 161st Ordinary Meeting of the Council of Affiliates of ABEP-TIC (ROCA). Held in Brasilia, the event brings together representatives of the states and the Federal District with the aim of addressing the interests of the Information and Communication Technologies sector in Brazil.

In his speech, the representative of InterID presented the Institute, its objectives and its mission to collaborate so that all people have guaranteed the right to a modern, safe and citizen identity.


“It was a pleasure to participate in this important event, when I had the honor of sharing about our mission and our desires with the state data processing entities (Prodis). I am very happy to be with us in this fight for a modern and safe identification for Brazil. I am sure that from now on, we will have a united effort to bring to each unit of the federation the best solution for identification in Brazil”, he highlighted.

“ABEP-TIC is grateful for the opportunity to partner with InterID, as both entities can now discuss and exchange information with the aim of strengthening the digital transformation agenda in the citizen’s civil and digital identification process.”, declared the President of the ABEP-TIC. ABEP-TIC Council, Lutiano Silva.

The 161st ROCA has in its programming the presentation of projects of the association, both those in execution and those yet to be executed, the election of the new ABEP board for the 2023-2024 biennium, the XtechGov training program and projects on Government Digital Gov Federal and integration with the States.






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