InterID repudiates criminal acts and provides support and techincal cooperations to the Federal Government to identify those responsible

By means of a file sent to the ministries of the Civil House, Justice and Public Security, Management and Innovation in Public Services, the Special Secretariat for Institutional Relations and the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, the International Institute of Identification (InterID) repudiated the criminal acts committed on Sunday, January 8th, at Praça dos Três Poderes, in Brasília, and made itself available to the departments for support and technical cooperation with the Federal Government, with a view to identifying those responsible.

“We hope that public authorities can take the appropriate steps to hold those involved accountable. InterID wants to collaborate with the Federal Government so that all those who caused damage are duly identified”, highlighted Célio Ribeiro, CEO of InterID.

As Ribeiro explained, the institute's objective is to collaborate with the public authorities and, thus, restore order as soon as possible. “We have qualified technical personnel in our staff, as well as in our partner members who are knowledgeable in identity platforms and systems, collection and biometric identification of the identification bodies of the Federation units to join efforts on this very important front. We cannot sit back and demand solutions, even more so when we know our ability to help in the proper identification of those who practiced vandalism and all sorts of violence in Brasília during the acts of the last January 8th.”

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1 – Respectfully greeting Your Excellency, the International Identification Institute (InterID) is a non-profit civil entity governed by private law, established with the aim of joining efforts so that identification has a voice and a place among the most important technical, political and social. As Your Excellency is aware, identification is a priority agenda for public safety and citizenship of countless nations.

2 – In turn, the Brazilian Association of Digital Identification Technology Companies – ABRID is a non-profit society, a partner of InterID which, among its attributions, is representation before the authorities and Brazilian society and, in the institutional area , to ensure quality and safety in the business and public environments, a way of actively participating in national development.

3 – InterID has knowledge in the process of identifying people, through its technical staff and its partners, through its group of companies that are world leaders in the identification and biometrics market. Through this file, the institute repudiates the regrettable episode of criminal acts that occurred in the Federal District on January 8th, 2023 and, with the support of ABRID, makes itself available to the Brazilian State and offers technical cooperation.

4 – We are ready and able to collaborate both with the Federal Government and with the Government of the Federal District in this time of Intervention. We are able and willing to cooperate with any and all measures necessary for the proper identification of persons responsible for criminal acts. We have qualified technical personnel in our staff, as well as in our partner members who have knowledge in identity platforms and systems, from collection and identification of Federation units to biometrics of identification bodies, to join efforts on this very important front.

5 – It is important to point out that the signatory of this letter has been working in collaboration with the Government of Brazil for more than 25 years, aiming at building a safe and modern identification system where there is the unification of information of individuals with proper biographical and biometric identification and consequent delivery to each citizen of his identity card, a legitimate instrument of citizenship. For this reason, it has knowledge and relationships with private and public institutions in the country, both with federal bodies as well as those that identify the states and the Federal District.

6 – InterID and ABRID wish for a quick return to normality and are entirely available for any needs or clarifications that may be necessary.


Célio Ribeiro

President of InterID

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