InterID will hold the “Brazilian Identity Seminar – Governance and Legitimacy”

With the aim of joining forces with the federal government, official identification bodies of the states, organized civil society and industry, the International Institute of Identification (InterID) is going to hold the “Brazilian Identity Seminar – Governance and Legitimacy”, which will take place on March 8, 2023.

For the director-president of InterID, Célio Ribeiro, the Seminar will be one of the most necessary debates today, as it is time for a coalition, something extremely important for achieving the identity project in vogue in the country.

Event will take place on March 8

“Brazil’s identity card is our greatest instrument of citizenship. It is necessary that there is respect for competences, legitimacy and governance. The Federal Executive holds legitimacy over governance, while the official identification bodies are the proper issuers of the identity card. All of us who work for the benefit of a modern and secure identity must work to support this, always in line with the Federal Executive and the identification bodies of the Federation Units so that this instrument of citizenship continues to reach the hands of every Brazilian citizen”.

Still according to Ribeiro, specialists on the subject will be at the event. “We will have the presence of representatives of the institutions that work on the subject. This is an opportune moment for us to get to know who the new actors are in this State project that is the Brazilian identity, and thus align ourselves from the managerial to the operational levels. We are convinced that the “Brazilian Identity Seminar – Governance and Legitimacy” will be another great opportunity to propose ways to disseminate the identity document, and we want to do this by giving support and support to those who were delegated by the State for this irrevocable and very important mission. social,” he concluded.

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