João Rosa becomes part of the InterID technical team

The International Identification Institute (InterID) has as one of its purposes the production of research, reports, studies, consultancies and the like, in addition to conducting training that has as scope the area of identification. To well walk the path to this purpose, the institute presents the first professional who will integrate its technical team.  

This is João Rosa, a retired federal criminal expert from the Federal Police. In more than 20 years of professional experience as a criminal expert, he is an Agronomist engineer at the Escola Superior de Agricultura de Lavras and specialist in Administration with an Emphasis on Criminalistics by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, accumulating experiences such as the Coordinator of Strategic Management of the Federal Police, deputy director and head of the Expertise Division of the National Institute of Criminalistics, Director of Sustainable Development of the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI).

According to Celio Ribeiro, “InterID will have in its technical team the best and most experienced professionals, ready to meet the demands of courses, opinions, reports, studies, training and consultancies. It will undoubtedly be the reference and point of support for public and private institutions.” Also according to Celio Ribeiro, “João Rosa is one of the most experienced and competent professionals of expertise that we have in Brazil. In front of your resume, which speaks for itself, presentations are unnecessary.” “

By becoming a technical consultant of InterID I bring experience and knowledge to contribute to the development and incorporation of new technologies for human identification through facial and voice recognition, signature and DNA. Also contributing to the performance of analyses and studies in safety documents and procedures and processes involving their production and distribution. No less important is the performance in the follow-up of training and training in the broad field of human identification”, said the consultant of InterID, João Rosa.

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