Law sanctioned by President Lula strengthens the Brazilian identification system

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva signed, with vetoes, Law 14534/2023. The new legislation establishes the Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF) as the unique identification number for citizens in Brazilian public service databases. The new format will only come into full effect, however, after adaptations made by public bodies.

The new rules establish that the CPF must appear in the registers and documents of public agencies, civil registry and natural persons or in identification documents issued by professional councils. Thus, the CPF number must appear on birth, marriage and death certificates, and also before the INSS, on the work card and on the CNH, among other documents.

The president of InterID, Célio Ribeiro, emphasizes the identity card in Brazil as a State project that is strengthened with the new legislation. “This important Law ratifies what was supported by all the leaders of official identification bodies of the Federation units, which is the use of the CPF number as the National Identity Card (CIN) number. This harmony of the federal government in the process of our civil identity is fundamental and demonstrates the importance of the CIN as the greatest instrument of citizenship. Our citizenship identity”, he says.

The National Identity Card, is being gradually implemented in all units of the federation and brings the CPF number as the only registration number, bringing security and ease to the Brazilian citizen.

Still according to Celio Ribeiro, this rule is essential for the safety and success of social projects. “The use of a unique number, the CPF, as a registration number in the Identity Card transforms it into a national document and will thus bring security and confidence in all the important social projects of the Lula government.

With information from the Senate Agency

Watch an article featuring the co-founder of InterID, Cláudio Machado. (minute 14 of the video)

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