Register for the Neonatal Identification Seminar

On December 15th, at 2 pm, the Neonatal Identification Seminar will take place. Conducted and organized by the International Identification Institute (InterID), the event will be attended by government authorities, specialists in the subject, academia and industry.

“The Neonatal Identification Seminar will bring together public entities involved in debates on the identification of newborns, fundamental for the immediate guarantee of all rights and, also, a necessary and effective tool to prevent the exchange of babies, abductions and kidnappings. . We want this event to be a wake-up call for the government, companies and civil society to the issue of the proper biometric identification of our children, something that if materialized will produce countless benefits for all”, highlighted Célio Ribeiro, CEO of InterID.

For Ribeiro, the identification cycle must be started exactly at this stage of life, which corroborates for there to be a safe, modern and, above all, citizen identification system.

“If all Brazilians are biometrically identified from birth, we will have more and more social benefits and less injustice. From this, the national identification system will be duly provided with biographical and biometric data, updating them according to the needs of each one and producing the complete cycle of individualization of its nationals. Identification has to be understood as a right and not an obligation or even a privilege of those who have reached a certain age.”

Participation in the event is free and registration can be made through the link:

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