National School of Expertise becomes interid associate

The National School of Expertise Foundation (ENP) joined as a Partner Associate of the International Identification Institute – InterID. From now on, institutions are able to act together to formulate policies focused on the area of identification and dissemination of the main concepts, norms and global trends that are at the end of their associative purposes.

According to Célio Ribeiro, Ceo of InterID, “this is a very important achievement for the Institute and its associates, because ENP has a degree of excellence in the aspect of technical qualification, and we will certainly join forces and competencies and create important discussions of interest to society. Among the numerous possibilities, I note the excellent training program for professionals in the identification sector that can be disseminated and used by those who are interested in raising their own level of technical and scientific knowledge.” 

“Our partnership with InterID is very important. We know that many expert tools have been fundamental to the improvement of identification methods. Cooperation with InterID will serve for the development and dissemination of this knowledge. We also have very important projects that will be strengthened with this cooperation, such as the research project for the development of tools to search for missing persons,” said Hélio Buchmüller, director of ENP.

Célio Ribeiro, Ceo of InterID, and Hélio Buchmüller, DIRECTOR OF ENP

About the National School of Expertise Foundation (ENP)

Established by the National Association of Federal Criminal Experts on April 11, 2022, the purpose of ENP is to promote the dissemination of knowledge of forensic sciences as well as to conduct research, scientific, cultural and social activities. The School offers a wide diversity of training actions, always with careful content that brings the most modern concepts of forensic sciences. Its faculty is formed by renowned professionals, with recognized professional experience and extensive academic background. From 2023, the National School of Expertise also becomes the director of Interforensics, the largest forensic science event in Latin America. For the development of its activities, the School carries out partnerships and agreements, enabling the wide reach of its actions, both in the area of teaching and in the development of scientific research and promoting the strengthening of institutions assigned to forensic sciences.

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