InterID supports CertForum

The event held since 2003 by the National Institute of Information Technology (ITI), reaches its 20th edition in 2023.

ABEP-TIC is InterID`s new associate partner

Working for over 45 years to strengthen cooperation between its associates and formulate public ICT policies, the Brazilian Association of State Entities of Information and Communication Technology (ABEP-TIC) is the newest entity to join the associated partners of the International Institute of Identification (InterID).

Conadi repudiates Arpen`s “Civil Registry Identity”

Last Thursday (2sd), the National Council of Directors of Civil and Criminal Identification  (CONADI), sent an official letter to the National Council of Justice (CNJ), to express its position on the “Identity of the Civil Registry” proposed by the Association of Natural Persons Registrars of the State of São Paulo (Arpen-SP).

InterID and the Federal Highway Police begin negotiations for a Techincal Cooperation Agreement

The International Institute of Identification (InterID) and the Federal Highway Police (PRF) met in Brasília on the afternoon of this Wednesday, January 25th, when negotiations began for the signing of a Technical Cooperation Agreement between the entities. The purpose of the agreement is to exchange experiences and knowledge in different areas of expertise of both institutions.